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Cancel contract


I have a DSL contract with vodafone since 31st of August 2023. When the technician came for activation of my internet, he said it will take some time to have internet and left, it took 8 days to have internet. In these 8 days, I had to call 100 times to Vodafone and even I had another technician to fix the internet but he couldn’t. At the end, some well educated operator fixed my problem on the phone.  Now it’s been 2 days without internet again and nobody is calling me to fix. I wanted to know what customer protection laws exist here to complain or cancel the contract? 
the worst experience of having internet, vodafone has a very poor quality service. Wasted my time, money, patience and nerves. So disappointed with vodafone. 

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Hi @Stör,


currently we do not offer direct support in the forum. However, you are welcome to contact us via our service channels: Dein Kontakt zu Vodafone - Vodafone Community.

Many greetings

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