Vodafone Cellular Contract Cancellation Nightmare


 I am sure that I am writing nothing new here. I have read a slew of articles from countless others with insane inssues regarding the cancelation process with vodafone. It is an absolutely horrific cyclical nightmare. Where do I even begin?


 First off, there is no way to rate this company on Google Reviews which, I'm sure in a world first, would be negative stars.


 I have called this company countless times and I have spoken with representatives in store who give me conflicting information with every second call. I have been told that it is absolutely no problem to cancel my cellular contract with vodafone if I decide to leave the country and deregister.  This has been proven time and time again to be "misinformation" as half of the operators tell me.


 As far as I know, willingly giving false imformation is misrepresenting a contract an its information. A consumer should not have to wallow through dozens of pages of contracts to find out that the salesperson has been accidentally misinformed (lying is a more appropriate term but I digress).


 To the problem:


 I was heading to Australia and was told that I could cancel without issue as long as I deregister and send proof. I did not deregister because I decided to come home after three months. Shortly after I moved to Dubai and deregistered and the problems began. I was told I misworded my cancellation and that I have to stay stop immediately not that I want to cancel. Silly me for imaging that cancelling the contract didn't mean immediately but rather when you feel like you've taken enough from me. So, with great delay, annoyance, and having to ask my sister to do all the work for me, we sent another letter with a copy of the deregistration. Then:




 No reply, no call, no e-mail, no follow up. Only after several calls and confliciting responses I finally got a response! To my most recent e-mail inquiry about the letter including deregistration? Of course, you guessed it: no. They have finally responded to my initially "incorrectly worded" written and signed letter. So now I would have to send it again. I called, again, to speak with an operator who was not only unhelpful but extremely rude.


 Did you know that there are no bosses, supervisors, or owners at vodafone? Apparently there is the only operator I called who said that these positions do not exist. Are you telling me that there is a completely independant fully shared business model operating in Germany that doesn't exist anywhere else? I cannot even begin to imagine how this company functions without somoene that actually owns it! This leads in to such complex business meetings of thousands of workers to make decisions? I cannot fathom so I will skip this idea altogether.


 Back to the problem. Once again, the operator said that the other operators (see 50%) have been misinformed as to how the foundation of the cellular package contract even functions. He then said that he could not be of help any longer and he would now be hanging up and hung up. So far this has been the only factual statement that has been followed up on. He said it and then he did it. Kudos.


 I am now awaiting until 3 months before the contract ends so I can confirm, again, that I will have my contract discontinued because I am afraid that they will state that although they approved the cancellation they cannot follow through with it because it fell outside of the three month guideline.


 How is it possible that this contract has not been rectified to help the thousands of people being disparaged by this contract? Countless threads where the moderator replies to the original poster but refuses to address the main issue:  Why can't I cancel the contract if the operators "misinformed" me about the basis for why i continued the contract? They will reply addressing parts of the issues and then say "contact me privately" but not one of the five threads I have read had ended with any positive response from the original poster that the problem has been resolved.


 If anyone could please direct me in any direction where I can negatively review this company on any platform or site I will gladly write a review about my less than excellent customer experience.


 Kind regards,



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Hello @Dunnior,


i am very sorry, for all the inconviniences and false informations.

The only thing i can tell you that there is no way of cancellation an mobile contract whe moving abroad.

You´ve signed a contract for 24 month and even when going to another contract you´ll have to keep the contract untill the end of the contract period.

I am very sorry for any other Infos given to you.




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 Thank you for your apology but that is completely unacceptable. Direct misinformation to sell a product is misrepresenting the product and selling it under false presumptions. How is this legal? How can you instruct some of your agents to give false information in order to secure contracts and then just say "whoopsie daisy! We didn't know any better! I am hanging up now."


 This is a blattant disregard for consumer protection and is a tactic that is downright deceitful.


 How can you do that?


 Where can I elevate this complaint. I was mislead and sold a contract by false information. Also, I cannot find the thread that I posted in. Is this company that insecure that they won't publicly deal with a problem they refuse to address because it hurts their bottom line?


 What a horrible and shameful company that does not deserve the company they have and the contracts they falsely procured.

Who is your boss?


 Where is the complaint department?


 How do I escalate this?


 You can't possibly tell me that Germany is so far behind the rest of the world as to not be able to protect consumers.


Hello, Dunnior,


I can understand your anger.


In the general terms and conditions under point 4 the contract period of 24 months and the corresponding period of notice is specified.


If you move abroad, you can still use your mobile phone contract.


There is therefore no special right of termination.


I am sorry that I cannot give you an answer here.


Many greetings,









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Hi there,


 Thank you for your reply but, unfortunately, it still does not solve the problem.


 I completely understand signing a contract and adhering to it. This is not in question nor is it being debated.


 The problem we have is here: I was told by multiple (see 50%) of the agents I spoke to that we either in store or on the phone that have reassured me that the contract can be cancelled.


 This is a problem at the very foundation of the contract. If you are missold something under a promise/guarantee that was fraudulant then how would you expect me to adhere to the contract?  If the agents that are representing your product dont even know the clauses of the contract and misinform the client doesn't that speak volumes for how the company is run?


 I was sold a product that did not perform exactly as the sales person stated. This is false imformation and illegal; is it not? Correct me if I am wrong but misrepresenting your product should be grounds for dismissal. Isn't it?

"I can understand your anger."


 I love this quote. You can understand my anger because vodafone regularly missells and angers thousands of customers.


"If you move abroad, you can still use your mobile phone contract.

There is therefore no special right of termination."


 Yes, under prices that are almost extortion. It is actually cheaper to move to another country and set up another sim card and pay that price per month than it is to use the extra costs under data roaming or international calls. Of course, I knew that the prices for being in the country beforehand would be insane, this is common knowledge. That's why you would make sure you can cancel  the contract before you move to another country.


 I did that. Where am I now?

"make sure you can cancel  the contract before you move to another country.

 I did that. Where am I now?"

Learning what minimal contract term really means ... 

 Like I said I am all for the contract and signing it. I competely understand that. I signed it, it's my fault. To have the person that's there who's soul job is to help you understand what you can and can't do tell you false information... that's deceitful.

Right, so, is that it?


 No more answers?


 Is no one going to address the misinformation I received and the ability to cancel the contract based on false information?


Can anyone direct me to a higher authority to deal with false product representation?


 I had such high expectations of this country! I refused to believe this "death contract" I heard of because I was sure that companies would hold themselves to better levels of quality than this. It's unbelievable that this becomes the norm from companies because they feel they can get away with it because of the lack of backlash. I'll be sure to review every possible group I can find. I have to admit, wonderful job at forcing google, facebook, yelp and etc to not allow you to be reviewed.


 Who can rectify this?