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Too Many problems with Mobile Connection

I have recently purchased an esim from the Vodafone store. From day one till now, I have received too bad service.

Problem 1: (No Network in Solln Munich 81479)
I live in Solln Munich, 81479. Vodafone doesn't work here. I get zero network connection. I am not able to receive the calls. When I purchased the connection, the next day I went to the Vodafone store that is in the Marienplatz, and they refused to deal with this problem. They said I had to connect with the Vodafone customer. As an international customer, I tried calling Vodafone but everything was in the Deutch language, so I was never able to discuss the problem with customer care. I asked the Vodafone store to please help me in raising a complaint and they also refused it.

Problem 2: ( Vodafone is charging more than what is mentioned in the contract)
When I purchased the contract. The store person told me that your total first-month fee would be 40 Euro(connection fee) + 21.99 Euro(Giga S plan) Which should be around (62 Euro).
A few days ago I checked the bill, it said 78.37 Euro Bill.
I went to the Vodafone store again, to confirm this. He said there was some mistake from the Vodafone side. It will be refunded in the next month, but first, he will have to talk to the Vodafone customer.
He also told me that 40 euros (connection fee) will also be refunded, but I don't see it refunded. He told me that my boss forgot to mention this to the Vodafone team. When he is back then he will refund this money to you.
The guy also told me that if you port your number from xx company to Vodafone, then the price will more reduced to approximate 11 Euro.
Problem 3: (Port xx company number to Vodafone)
I tried to port my number from Lebara to Vodafone. The store guy said it would be done in the next 3 days,  but got a message that it's been canceled. I went to the store again to clarify, the store guy said it happens sometimes but right now he doesn't know why it has been canceled.

Problem 4: (Facebook Service is also bad)
I tried to connect to the Facebook service the day I purchased the number but didn't get back any solution.

I am fed up with this. Please fix all the problems or I request you to cancel the contract.
To be honest, I am an existing Vodafone internet customer, that's why I choose mobile connection. But the service is too bad for me.

Please let me know if you need any proof related to my contract, connection range in the solln munich, extra bill charges or response from vodafone facebook community.

1 Antwort 1

You are in a customer-to-customer forum, no individual support is available here. The stores are *not* part of the support system either, most ofthem are operated by independent agencies that make their money by selling contracts. For support in English use the Twitter/X or Facebook contacts listed below. About your 1st point: mobile contracts don‘t guarantee a connection at a specific location, so I‘m afraid you are out of luck there (you *might* get out of the contract via goodwill from Vodafone).