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Received a message saying contract begin date changed



On 2nd of December, I was checking the Treue-Angebot page on MeinVodafone app and noticed there was this "Angebot for me" to get 3GB extra for free. Very naively, I thought "oh nice, Vodafone cares about loyal customers" and clicked accept, but then I noticed that it actually required me to extend my contract 2 years which I did not notice earlier, and do not want. That was a mistake on my side.


Upon noticing it, I directly called the customer service to cancel it. operator said he cancelled it. But I kept checking MeinVodafone app, and it was not cancelled.


On 3rd of December (today), I called customer service again, and this time operator did cancel it, I saw the old contract's dates on MeinVodafone app, so I was happy. But 2 hours later, I received a message saying that my contract starting date has changed to 2nd of December. (Again?)


Since then, I am over and over calling the customer support. So far in total I spent over 6 hours waiting on the customer support line and even though I say "English", it keeps forwarding me to someone who does not speak English, so I start the call from scratch.


I have not been this much dissatisfied with any other provider before. Could you please let me know if you can fix my issue, or rather now I am stuck with this situation so that I can take action accordingly?


Kind Regards

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Hey xsen,


I am sorry that you had this negative experience. Please accept my apologies.


We will be happy to check it out for you. Please send me the relevant mobile phone number by PM.


You will receive an answer as soon as possible.


Kind regards


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Hi Bernd,


Thank you so much for offering help. I sent you a PM.


Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.