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Overcharged, Lied to by Customer Service

I have had the worst customer service experience with Vodafone. I have at this point called the customer service multiple times and have given up because they have not, at any stage done what they explicitly promised to do (refund me what they overcharged me and change the amount I am charged).


I chose to have an automatic renewal on my Mobilefunk plan for convenince. However, on multiple occaisions Vodafone has failed to successfully charge my account and activate my bundle. Meaning I had to top up again (normally to the amount of 25-30 euro - which is more than the cost of the bundle). The most recent time this happened I called cusotmer service. They said they would reactivate the bundle, which they did. It should last for 28 days (or so), around two weeks later I am charged again! So, I overpaid, am charged in twice and so call customer service. I ask to change my bundle and be refunded for the charge, they said they would but nothing happened.


I am, at this point, fed up, I have 20 euro coming out of my account when my bundle costs 14.99 now, I am being charged repitivly each month and at this point have given up. Vodafone has not been helpful or transparent and the whole thing feels like a scam or just pure negligence.


I tried to change network but Vodafone refuses to let my number go.


So, I would like a refund for the amounts I have been overcharged (to my account - which I was orginally promised but did not happen) and for my number to be released so I can finally exit what has been the worst experince with a mobile network that I have ever had.


Edit: Personal data removed. Team Community


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