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Double GigaCube Contracts

Dear Sir/Madem,

I have requested my Vodafone DSL Connection (***) for my new appartment on 11th of January 2021. I was waiting for the connection (4 weeks) but I didnt get the connection. Since I wanted to work from home I went to Vodafone shop and asked them to provide an alternative until I get my permanent connection. They suggested me to go with GigaCube for next 30 days.  If the DSL connection is fixed they suggested to return the GigaCube before 30 days. I got the First webCube on 11th of February 2021. My connection numbert is 0172***.

On 10th March 2021 I visit the Vodafone shop with my Cube to return and they took it and immediately cancel the GigaCube contract. I have confirmation document given by the shop. They called Vodafone Customer care regarding my DSL why it is so late and informed me that they cannot provide DSL connection to my house.

Since I dont have any internet connection at that point, I had to take another GigaCube since I need to work Remote on the same day. 0172 *** is my 2nd GigaCube connection number. Ever since then I have been using the 0172 *** connection.


While checking the invoices recently I noticed that Im getting charged for 2 GigaCube connections 2*44,99 = 89.99€. It appears Im getting charged for 0172*** connection that I have already got the confirmation that it is cancelled. I kindly request to look in to this matter and take nessary steps to revert these costs. Im happy to provide available supporting documents in a private chat. 

Thank you very much.


Edit: Customer and phone numbers deleted. Lars (Moderator)

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Hi soori_thisa,


I´m sry about that!


The billing for one GigaCube is correct?


The second GigaCube is what you returned to shop?
Have you asked them about this issue?




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Hi  @Su 

Thank you very much for the response. Yes Billing for only one GigaCube should be correct. 

No its the first GigaCube I returned to the shop 0172xxx

Im only using the GigaCube 0172xxx

The shop guys accepted that there has been a problem in canceling the contract.
And provided me with a document that says I have returned the cube on time. And they asked me to contact support. But German Language is very low to contact the support. Would really appreciate if you can support me in this matter. Im happy to provide all the proves I have with with me regarding this.

Thank you.


Hi soori_thisa,


I´m happy you found us here in community.


So sorry you don´t have a solution yet.


I´ve edited your personal data for your safety.


soori_thisa, you have a confirmation of the cancellation signed by Vodafone-Shop?

For the first GigaCube?


You´re welcome


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Hi @Su 
Thank you very much for helping me out on this.
Yes. I have 2 documents provided by the Shop. Please advice me how I can submit that to you? Shall I upload it here?




Hey soori_thisa,


thank you! Smiley (fröhlich)


Please DM including the numbers and the customer password (Kundenkennwort).

You can send the confirmation from shop just as pic in there.


I´ll try to find a quick solution.


Best regards


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