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Contract termination

"I left Germany permanently on 31.01.2023 and returned to my home country, Ukraine.  My hometown in the Luhansk region was liberated last month, and I decided to return and help rebuild my family house affected by the last events. Unfortunately, even though it is liberated, it is still not connected to all the services, and mobile communications are one of them. I won't be able to use them for at least as long as local companies won't decide to rebuild their facilities which they promised to do after the total liberation of the region. Therefore, I gladly ask you to terminate my contract as an exceptional case. While I was calling the service team, the assistant said it should be possible due to the extraordinary obstacles, so I described it to you. I attached the proof of deregistration from a German address, and in my passport, you can see the place of birth which states for Luhansk, Ukraine, as proof of my residence."


I have tried to write it all to Kontaktformular and attach the documents multiple times on different days, but it says it is impossible to send one.  Now I have internet but don't have mobile services to call or the possibility of sending the letter by post because of the current situation. What should I do to have contact with Vodafone and solve the problem?

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Hey @Diana_Barakhtii,

i am very sorry, but i can´t help you here in our forum.

Please contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

The colleagues there can ask for your customer details and further documents if neccessary.



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