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I took a contract at the Vodafone shop in Nürnberg Strasse 7, 91052, Erlangen. The contract was made for 63.99 euros and he said I get a discount of 15 euros since I am less than 28 years old. So he assured me I get just 48.99 euros per month for 24 months. But the first month bill was higher than he said and when I went and asked him he said it was the charge for 8 days in November I said its okay but what will be the bill for next 23 months? He said it will be 48.99 euros again. But the January bill was also higher so when I asked them again they said since I have canceled the wifi contract of Vodafone I had to pay 10 euros extra from now. But I already informed them before making the contract, that I have a prepaid Vodafone number and I canceled the Vodafone wifi contract that day, earlier before coming to the shop. Then after explaining this they agreed its their fault and they gave me two options, one was they will cancel the contract completely but I have to pay the phone charge and I lose the sim card. I want the sim card because I have given the number to a lot of places. Second one was that they will give me a credit of 100 euros. For 10 euros and 24 months I have to pay 240 euros extra and I am doubting what other charges they did not tell me about. They were rude about this and told me that these are the 2 options and I can do whatever I want. Their behavior was not good in this and they are making me pay for something which I was not told about. This is not good. Please let me know a proper solution. The person in the shop did not behave well and solutions they are giving are unreasonable. They should have been transparent with the charges, now I donot know what hidden charges they have not told me. Because they always told me it was 48.99 euros for 24 months. That is the reason I accepted this contract. Please give me a solution for this. Thank you. 

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