Wrong Tariff in contract

Hallo All,

I agreed to an angebot from their helpline for Kabel 500 in evening and Today Morning I got a contract stating that my tariff has been switched to Red Internet & phone 100 Kable. I tried to reach helpline and  kundenbetreur  at Tobi never responded.  Attached is the contract that I received which is quite different in price and condition what were offered. Should I just cancel? Attached screen shot of both offer and received contract. 

ps: Current contract ends 07.12.22 for which kundigung was done.


Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 09.50.42.png



Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 09.43.41.png

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Did you click the link in the Cable Max 500 Order Summary PDF email? This is the only way to activate the tariff. This click must be done within 14 days, otherwise the offer expires.
The second email only states that your cancellation has been deleted from the customer account.