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Had an unscheduled visit from the Vodafone consultant. They wanted to enhance my cable speed without extra cost. At first, I agreed, they had "some" of my data on their screen and more after I input my DOB. I then received the confirmation contract of my new speed limit. However, they then wanted me to input my IBAN number "for customer confirmation". This is when I got suspicious and asked them to leave. Anyone deal with a similar incident? Is this normal?


@Palookaa: post moved to the correct board. BR Chr1ssy

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Hi @Palookaa,


I'm so sorry you haven't gotten any feedback to your post.


I'm also sorry, that you've made a bad experience with our sales partner. Our sales partner often visit without any schedelued date. Of course it's your right to don't let them into your flat/ house or ask them to leave. 


It's not in our intent, that they're selling our products in this way and we just can apologize. 


Is there anything we can do for you or do have any further questions?


Best regards


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