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I had a Giga tv contract ***. This contract got canceled last month for which I was willing to pay €280. But two days later I received an other bill from Paigo for €407. I have talked to your colleagues on phone but they are unable to find this contract. Please help as soon as possible because I have to provide the information to Paigo till 11-11-21


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It doesn't matter what you were willing to pay but what you had to pay.


Once the contract gets cancelled due to too many outstanding invoices, it'll be handed over to a debt collector like PaiGo - and obviously they'll add their fees on top of the outstanding invoice sum and all the additional charges for the time until the contract got cancelled. That usually includes chargeback fees, but also interest rates for outstanding payments as well as debt collection fees.


And once it is handed over to the debt collector, the debt collector is the only company to talk to. So if you haven't paid anything until now, you'll most likely have to pay what PaiGo wants you to pay.

I think you misunderstood the whole case. I will try to explain it to you again.


 I accidentally ordered the Gigatv and didn't cancel the contract in time. So I talked to a Vodafone employee and asked him if there is any way I can cancel the product. To which he said I can pay the full invoice which is about €240 and return the device. I was more than happy to do this. So later this month I got a Rechnung from vodafone that was about €240, and it was written in the letter that I will receive a seperate letter from the debt collector to pay this amount, which I received 1 week later with a bill for €280 " including all the fees and service charges". I have already paid half of this amount.
Two days later I receive an other letter form Paigo for €407 stating that they received an other invoice from Vodafone. What I came to know is this invoice is from 06-01-21 till the end of the contract period. The thing is I have regularly paid till May 21. So this is clearly a misunderstanding from Vodafone side. I had a detail discussion with Paigo employee and he confirmed me this invoice of €407 is not from debt collector but from Vodafone. So he asked me to get a written statement from vodafone that states that I have paid the amount already till May 21.

You have concluded a contract with a minimum contract term of 24 months and did not revoke it in due time. This means that you are bound to the contract for these 24 months, provided you give proper notice at least 3 months before the end of the contract.
If you terminate the contract extraordinarily early or the contract is terminated by Vodafone due to payment arrears, Vodafone will charge you the fees due until the regular end of the contract in one sum. If you don't pay this, it goes straight to debt collection.

I am not assuming that you have received a different cancellation confirmation, do I?

Even if you have paid until May 2021, you still have months to go.

Keeping your initial thread from early February 2021 in mind and assuming that you signed for the contract on January 6th 2021, then you only paid for 5 from 24 months - so there's 19 more months to go. And keeping in mind that the regular price for GigaTV is 19,99 € per month (let alone eventual 15 € on top for the TV Connect part), then it's 19 * 20 € = 380 € that you owe Vodafone, not only 240 € or 280 €...


There might be even another payment on top if you didn't return the receiver in time or at all...

I have attached the bill from Paigo below you can check. It is showing I have not payed the bills, while you can confirm from my account I have payed the bill till May. And just for your information I had an accident in May 2021, I'm still in the hospital recovering from the injury. I should have taken care of it earlier but at the time other thing were more important for me.


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Below you can see the actual bill. You can clearly see there has been a mistake. I am not here here for any argument. Please try to help

There is nothing to be read from GigaTV, the debt collection process is all about the TV Connect cable connection.
There is probably a separate collection process for GigaTV.

Bro have you actually seen this bill ( I have attached again below). My question is why are there already payed payments in the debt collection invoice.


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I came to this platform to find a solution. I have tried all Vodafone helpline today but apparently they can find my contract the people from Dsl say talk to Cable department and vice versa its like a loop atlast I came here. And here you can't see a clear miss organization. Please read the invoices side by side you will easily identify the mistake.