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New contract and no help in English from Vodafone customer support

Hi, I just started a new Vodafone contract and tried speaking to Vodafone customer support. When I asked if someone can support me in English I was put on hold for 15 minutes and then the call was ended automatically. 


It seems to me that Vodafone customer support simply does not want to help communicate in English (even if they can speak basic English). This is just ignorant and bad customer support at this point (but there is nothing I can do about it).


Anyhows, I was able to explain in my broken German that I need a router for my new cable connection. In the end I was sent an email with a link which I confirmed and am now waiting for a router. However no new updates/emails have come from Vodafone informing me about sending a router or any tracking number which has me lost. 


Hope this gets some attention and I can get some help.


@vtanmay: post moved to correct board. BR Chr1ssy

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There is no support in this forum - it is just a customers help customers board.


And as your contractual and thus also sole support language is German, it is up to you to get a translator or similar help on your own expenses -- it is not on Vodafone to provide support in any other than the contractually agreed upon languages.


Support in English is available via the Twitter/X or Facebook contacts listed here:

So understanding the contract in German is fine as we can use translation apps. But when it comes to actual customer support over the phone, are we expected to get a translator for that too?


We can use translation apps to understand the contract in German. Will we also be required to use a translator when contacting real customer service representatives by phone?

As was pointed out, support in English is available via Twitter/X or Facebook. These channels are preferable anyways because the phone only leads you to external call centers, with Social Media you get contact to "real" Vodafone support.