Issues contract and GDPR Breach
To whom it may concern,

I called on Saturday to get a contract with Vodafone.

1. First of all, I do not have any papers, any contract, any customer number, so I cannot log in to anything, I am not yet a customer, but I am not "not a customer" (which was very problematic when I tried 7 times to talk to someone)

2. I talked to the person on Saturday that I do not wish to have the TV - as I have not owned one in 16 years. After our call, he proceeded to call me from his private number on my private number to tell me he added the TV option to my contract. I reiterated several times that I did not want it. He told me I could cancel anytime and would not have to pay for anything, but I then received an email stating that I would have to pay for it. 
Two issues:
-It is very unprofessional and against GDPR to act this way
- He told me I could get a 1000Mbps line, but he never wanted to tell me if I could actually get such speed in my apartment in Dusseldorf (XXX ) and in the apartment, I am moving in May (XXX). So I would like to know if I will have this speed effectively. 

3. I tried to talk to several people on the phone: one hung up on me because my German is not good enough, one I told her I was out and to bear with me for a few minutes if she could not hear me (she called me 15 min later than the initial appointment time) the call dropped, and she never called back and a third one, I had to yell to stop telling me I was at the wrong number because she did not let me speak and explain that I had no customer number and I could not reach the customer hotline. She finally gave me this email address but refused to spell it.

4. I do not know where I stand with this contract, although your technical partner called me to make an appointment on Monday. Again, NO CONTRACT WAS SENT NOR SIGNED. 

I contacted Vodafone because I want to leave 1und1 and I had heard great things about the company but I am utterly disappointed. 

I am awaiting a solution from you, apologies from your customer associates, the proof that my private number is no longer on your colleague's phone, and a resolution about the contract, the unwanted TV option and a solid answer about the Internet speed.

Many thanks.
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Hi Djblc

I am very sorry that you have had such experiences with employees from our company. I would like to take a closer look for you and help. Please send me a PM:


full name

Date of birth

full address

federal state


If you have more specific details about the employee who called you privately, please share them with us via PM as well.


Please post here again once the PM is out.

Best regards

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