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Cancellation of contract due to unavailablity at new location



I am making this post to complain about the customer service feedback (rather the lack of it).


I have changed my apartment from 88085 Langenargen to 88090 Immenstaad on 01.06.2023.


I had taken a 1000mbps cable contract with Vodafone on 01.10.2022 and I wanted to change it to the new location but unfortunately at that time, the cable internet was not supported in the new location. This was also verified by the Vodafone center in Friedrichshafen.


So, as per the suggestion from the Vodafone center executive, I decided to terminate the contract on the basis of moving to a new place where the same contract speeds were not available (only DSL was available as of 01.06.2023).

I submitted the new registration from Immenstaad and sent back the router to Vodafone.

I was still being charged the monthly invoice even after the device was sent back and then I visited the Vodafone center several times and I was told to be patient and they would cancel it.

Finally, the Vodafone center executive contacted the Service center and I was informed to write an email explaining the situation.

I received feedback saying that the 1000mbps cable support is now available in my new location and my contract would not be canceled. 

This service availability in 88090 Immenstaad happened after I moved and decided to cancel the contract.


Kindly help me to resolve this unfair treatment as I have been paying for the last 5 months even though I do not have the router and I am not using the Vodafone internet.


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Support is no longer available in the forum.

English Support is on twitter or facebook

Dein Kontakt zu Vodafone - Vodafone Community


You would have had to use the moving service.

When you received the confirmation for your cancellation - which date was in there?


If the service was available at the time of your (reported) move, then you don't have a right to cancel the contract - even if it was not available before...