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How long does it take for you guys to entertain my contract cancellation request?

Hello there,

I have been a Vodafone customer since November 2022. I was recently informed about the price increase, which I dont agree with. I have also shifted to another location where there already exist a Vodafone DSL contract. Hence I had applied for a cancellation request via your portal as well as Check24 but it seems like you guys process things slowly, just like your poor DSL connection. 

Therefore I request you to look into this matter and cancel my contract instead of taking your own sweet time to have a look. If you need a better internet connection yourself, let me know.


1 Antwort 1

There are quite a few things.


The price increase: it gives you the right to cancel before the end of the minimum contract term - but you have to do that *exactly* the way that is mentioned in the information mail/letter. You also have to do that by yourself, a possible new provider can not do that for you (can only do regular cancels).


The move: if your contract is available at the new location, it moves there with you. If there already a Vodafone contract running there, Vodafone *may* allow to cancel the cheaper one. It is not mandatory.


And finally: this is a customer-to-customer forum, no individual support is available here. For support in English, use the Facebook or Twitter contacts listed here:


One more thing: contractual language in Germany is German - it is your responsibilty to understand the contractual communication and procedures.