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Cable Internet contract & router not delivered

Hello everyone! 


I am moving out soon and in my current flat I have DSL contract but in the new one, cable connection is possible. Over phone, I applied for moving out and made a switch to cable contract on 11.03.2023.  I received one email regarding my order overview and second for order confimation (Bestellbestätigung) .


I was told on 11.03 that I would receive the router in 7 working days but still not heard from Vodafone and do not have cable contract with customer number. On 17.03 I called Vodafone customer service to check out if everything was fine. The customer support had a difficult time finding the Bestellbestätigung from 11.03 (which I also do not see on my MeinVodafone accounnt). 

On Friday (17.03) she told me that my order would be processed on that day and router would be shipped next week. The contract is initially planned to start from 25.03  and it is this Saturday. 


As I will be working from home, I am worried about possible delays and problems. Can someone help me with my order? Or tell me if there is anything I can help with? 


If any specific information is needed, I would be happy to provide via DM. Thanks in advance! 

*I will remain in the same federal state in Germany (BW)

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There is no individual support here, as this is only a customer-to-customer-forum. For english support try the social media channels listed here:



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