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Debit Order after contract cancellation



I need help with a big problem I have with Vodafone. 


I tried to get Fiber for my apartment through Vodafone. After numerous telephone calls and rude customer service we decided to cancel the contract with Vodafone and notified them on the internet and through email within the 14 day period that we are cancelling. They sent us a few days later an apology email stating that they cancelled the contract but not in time and they apologised for that and said the contract is cancelled from the 31.10.2023. They said we are going to receive the Fiber Box and that we need to send it back with the DHL company and shipping they paid for. 


We received a few days later the Fiber Box and sent it back the same day. We received an email from Vodafone and DHL confirming the Fiber Box was delivered. 


We thought we were done with Vodafone until this morning where they tried to deduct 150 Euros from our account. We found multiple times and after getting through to the service the Person told us it's because we bought the device from them and we need to pay. German is not my first language and I do understand this is a German Company so I tried explaining that to him and asking him politely to explain why when we cancelled it and Vodafone Confirmed do we need to still pay. He wasn't helpfull. We are getting a translator to phone for us as well but we need this sorted out as soon as we can.


Please help.

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Hi @Chantel_1,


I'm really sorry you're having this kind of trouble with us now.


It's already sad enough, that you cancelled the contract. 


Of course we would be happy to help you with that.


Pls get in contact with us again via one of the following channels:



X (Twitter): 

WhatsApp: 01721217212 


Best regards


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Hi Chr1ssy, 


Thank you for your answer.


I have contacted Vodafone through Facebook and I am speaking to the same bot as on the Website called Tobi. I do not have Twitter.


It does not give me the results that I am looking. I need to know if you have an email adress so that I can sent this to someone that can help me resolve the problem of Vodafone wanting to illegally take money from my account. I have not signed a contract and I terminated within the 14 days. I also recieved confirmation of the termination, so be legal terms this is Fraud. 


I need this to be resolved please.




It is best to write on Facebook that you would like to speak to an employee. This will get you past TOBi.


Kind regards

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