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Gigacube very slow

Dear Sir,

Kindly. I took gigacube before 1 month back but unfortunately the speed very bad instead of morning 2 or 3 hours the speed over the day maximum 1 to 3 MB and I can't use my Internet for anything. I called you before end of first month to return back but your support told me there is technical issue in my area and you are working to solve but till now nothing happened. My contract for two years, also I am paying 65 euros per month without service. Please can you advice to solve this issue 🙏. 

Best regards.



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There is no guaranteed speed with the GigaCube as the speed varies very heavily depending on the number of active customers in your mobile network cell.

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Hello Korj,


can you please tell us the adress where you use the GigaCube. We will then be happy to check whether it is a malfunction.


Best regards



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