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Router issues with Cable

We have the Kabel Internet 1000 contract with the ARRIS router and there has got to be something wrong with this router.. Not only do we never get high enough speed, it would be acceptable if the speed we get is at least stable. We have tested it on multiple devices, including a new laptop, but the speed always fluctuates. My husband and I work from home and supposedly we have the contract with highest speed but we still can't have one online meeting without internet interruptions and lagging. Is there anything we can do to solve this problem? Like get a different router from Vodafone?

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Hi Clara,

many things could have an effect on your speed. Are you using WLAN? If yes, did you try some other frequencies? Sometimes they can interfere with other routers next to your location. Else did you try with a LAN cable? For me it is always much better with a cable, so I wired everything. At least you can go with the 6660 Router, but it´s 5€ per month extra. I would check with a cable first. CAT6 or CAT7 should be fine for your purposes.


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