Can't activate my new fritzbox



I bought a new fritzbox 6360 from an online store and I tried to activate my internet at the Vodafone portal but it says that the activation is not working right now. I tried some few times after that and it seems that is never working.


Could someone help me with my activation? I want to change my rooter.

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You won't be able activate the 6360 or get it activated as all of the 6360 boxes are rental devices that have to be returned. There is no chance of activating it if you didn't rent it.


So: No way to activate the box - despite the fact that the 6360 is way too old, does not get any security updates any more and does not meet the minimum requirements for bring-your-own devices.

What you're saying makes no sense, because I just bought it from Kaufland, it's brand new from the box. It can't be from someone's contract.


And I don't mind if it is too old, my rooter from Vodafone is really bad and I want to change my rooter. How can the company says what can I or can't use? I want to activate my new device cause I'm sure that it will be way better than this thing that Vodafone calls as rooter.

A FritzBox 6360 was never sold as retail device - all 6360 that have been produced are and were only rental devices.


So most likely you "bought" an ex rental device that the person -instead of returning it- tried to make money from and thus sold it to you even they were never the owner of the box nor were they allowed to sell it.


And just about the technical capabilities:

The 6360 includes a 4x4 EuroDOCSIS 3.0 capable modem and supports 802.11n on either 2.4 or 5 GHz (no simultaneous 2.4 and 5 GHz operation possible). Maximum speed that it is capable is a 100 MBit/s contract, not more.


Anyhow miminum requirement for a retail device to be activated is a 16x4 EuroDOCSIS 3.0 modem - and this minimum requirements isn't met by the 6360, even if it were a retail device.


So you will not get the 6360 activated as it neither meets the minimum requirements for retail devices nor is it a retail device at all.


You can only try to return this box and get one of the retail models on the market - currently these are the 6591, 6660 and 6690. Please also check with the FAQ that AVM as manufacturer published here: FAQ for retail devices

Especially check for the correct model numbers!

Well, as i said, I bought this brand new. from this link 



How can it be assigned to someone's contract?

And it doesn't fit with all specifications that you said.

Won't I get any technical support from Vodafone here? In which someone can actually activate my rooter?

I want an official answer from the company because then I can use it to go for my rights. I won't accept that the company forces me to buy a super expensive rooter to be able to chance this crappy that I have as a rooter.

You should ask the seller, which btw is not Kaufland, Kaufland only provides the marketplace. You can't blame Vodafone for someone selling devices that were never sold to anyone but only rented out to customers who were supposed to give it back to Vodafone at the end of the contract. This is between you and the seller.


This forum here since August 2022 is only a customers-help-customers forum and no official support/contact channel by Vodafone. You need to use one of the official channels:



As I said - this Box does NOT meet the minimum requirements for retail devices and it was definitely a rental device.


You won't get any other answer as these boxes have never been sold as retail devices.


What you most likely got was a refurbished device that Vodafone gave to a recycling company. Anyhow as these devices are not meeting the minimum requirements.


And Vodafone doesn't force you to buy a super expensive router - anyhow they require to buy a router that meets the minimum requirements, meaning at least having a 16x4 EuroDOCSIS 3.0 capable device for speeds up to 500 MBit/s -or- a 2x2 DOCSIS 3.1 and 32x4 EuroDOCSIS3.0 capable device for 1000 MBit/s connections.


These are the minimum requirements - and if your device does not meet them, then it is simply not compatible with your line and won't be activated.


You can have a look at the public interface specification if you do not believe what I am telling you.


It clearly states that the minimum available downstream channel count has to be 16 - see the pNTP Interface Specification document on page 13, chapter 5, section 5.1.1 table 1.


As this is the -by law- required interface specification and the FritzBox 6360 does not fulfill these published minimum requirements, it simply is not compatible as retail device. Therefore Vodafone won't accept your device and you won't be able to activate the 6360 as your router.


Sorry to say, but you bought a useless device and if you cannot return it, your money is lost.

@Dellacqua  schrieb:

 I won't accept that the company forces me to buy a super expensive rooter to be able to chance this crappy that I have as a rooter.

Nobody forces you to buy a super expensive router - you can also opt for the HomeBox option if you want to get a FritzBox instead of a Vodafone Station.


Or you buy a compatible retail router that meets the minimum requirements that have been published in the published interface specification.