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Activation Bridge Mode - Vodafone Station Wifi 6

First of all sorry for writing in English. It is easier to express myself this way. Here is my story. I am a former Unity Media customer, now Vodafone, living in Baden-Württemberg area. My current internet contract is Red Internet & Phone 100/10.  Working from multiple locations usually needs a connection to my home network from outside. I am able to connect through VPN when I disable the firewall option on my Vodafone Station.  Problem is that this firewall setting will remain active for 24h and then return itself to a previous state. The only solution for me right now is to activate Bridge Mode on my VS. Unfortunately, despite research, I can't find the option to switch my Vodafone station to bridge mode anywhere.


Would you please help me with this? Thank you in advance.

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first you need to upgrade your contract to at least 250Mbit/s plus power upload option

then contact support and let them switch your connection to dual stack

if both done you can setup bridge mode in the webinterface of your vodafone station

@RobertP thank you for a fast reply. Is that the only way to switch to bridge mode?? What is the story behind this? Why users with 100 can not have bridge mode and users with 250 can? I don't really need 250Mbit/s with power upload. 

prerequisite for bridge mode in former Unitymedia area is dual stack

and dual stack not available for contracts below 250Mbit/s

@RobertP this is not the answer I was hoping for.  Smiley (gleichgültig) The last question is this some marketing trick or just technology limitation? Thank you for your time and fast response.

sad but true 😞

Hi @RobertP here I am again on this topic after a year or so! Same Bundesland (BW) same contract < 250Mbits/s. Is something changed in this area? I still want to activate Bridge Mode. When I contacted Vodafone just to prolong my contract, person on the phone told me that this is possible right now. Is that correct? Actually I received Fritzbox which I would gladly return and keep my Vodafone Station 6 with enabled BM.

As always, thank you in advance!!

in BW you can also use BM with a rented Fritzbox

you need to contact customer support and let them enable dual stack for you, this is now possible with your current contract since you rented a fritzbox

@RobertP  wouu this is so far second confirmation, something can happen at the end 🙂 Actually, I would like to keep my Vodafone Station 6 and just enable BM in there, and return Fritzbox (which I got by extending my contract with Vidafone), while FB does not hav an option for bridge mode (al least I found that info on official Fritzbox pages). 

Can you please provide me a phone number which I can use to reach out fastest to a customer support?

Once again, thank you for supporting this!!



In English, this is only possible via Facebook or Twitter.

Best regards Kurt

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