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Blumberg, Bräunlingen, Titisee-Neustadt: Ausfall Internet und Telefonie über Mobilfunk und DSL

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URGENT HELP! DSL Contract Termination

I had placed a contract for DSL Connection in 16th September , I did not receive the DSL box neither technicians from Vodafone came. The box was finally delivered on October 16th. Because it was more than a month than my original request, I had to look for backup options and installed the Gigacube instead. The return of the DSL was placed and sent on October 28th - 8 days after I received the connection. And today, the same DSL was sent back to me saying that contract ending period is on 15 days. But if that is so, when Vodafone fails to send the DSL box and technicians and promised date and does so only after 1 month, why does not it work both ways?
If Vodafone can be stringent about 15 days return from contract date, it should also be strict on the timelines when the customers are promised for the order, making them wait for 30 days without any backup plans, very well knowing how essential Wi-Fi is to our lives to function.
I call the customer care I am put on line for 30mins without anyone answering the other end. The customer care of Vodafone is turning into "customer SCARE"!

Writing here for some support and resolution from the Team.
Jayashankar Ajayan - number - XXXXXXXXXXXXX


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Hello @Jshankar 


please contact our written customer service via Facebook / X / WhatsApp so that our colleagues can help you.


Kind regards

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@DennyW  -Thank You