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DSL Rechnung after special cancellation

I signed a DSL and Festnetz-Flat contract with Vodafone on 22.08.2022


However, due to a technical reason that all the landlines in my apartment are busy, no service can be set up (based on a written confirmation from Vodafone on 17.10.2022). Since I don't know when the landline will be free again, I decided to cancel my contract via post (as the Customer Service said I could do so) and Vodafone already sent me the Kündigungs-Bestätigung on 11 Nov 2022.


Nevertheless, on 31.10.2022 I received an invoice from Vodafone stating that I had to pay 16,98euro for the Rechnungszeitraum vom 25.09.2022 bis 24.10.2022. And today I receive another Rechnung and a Mahnung because I didn't pay the first Rechnung.


I am very confused because the landline was busy and no service has ever been provided to me so far. And Vodafone Customer Service (0800 172 1212) even confirmed 3 times that I do not have to pay anything. One gentleman from CS even advised me to contact Again, I was directed to TOBI and then back to Customer Service hotline!!!!


Could you please help to clarify my situation. What I should do, I am very frustrated and disappointed now.


Thank you very much for your support

Best Regards

Duc Hanh Do

1 Antwort 1

Hey Hanhdo,

I'm sorry to hear that you could not use our dsl services.

This can only be solved by my colleagues from the customersupport.
For example via Twitter , or Facebook.

I'm sure that you'll get help there.

No one here in the community has access to your customeraccount.
So we could only guess whats the excact reason why you've been charged.



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