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Account information and Devices

Dear Vodafone,


Last year a person claiming a representative of your company came to my house and told me that I have to start paying for the internet connection (I am connecting to a neighbor since I arrived here in Germany). Told me that I should have a separate device for internet


Told me to filled out some forms and the device will be delivered etc. However the device (router, etc.) did not arrived the person also did not return to install the router.


Fast forward, I recieved a letter and told me that my account has been activated. At first I did not read the mail as I lost it with other mails. I also noticed I am billed directly from my bank account until writing of this e-mail.


Today I recieve a mail from you (Vodafone) about the deals in plans / package. I really do not understand how the process is working. I am still connected to the neighbor and I am billed monthly.


Is this a fraud ? A device was registered under my name and paying for it and I am not using my own router for internet?


I do not speak German, should I go to the nearest Vodafone store ? If this is a Fraudalent activity , can I refund the payments made automatically from my bank account?



Many thanks,


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Hi MarkB1,


that sounds really mysterious. Did you sign a contract and give your bank data when the representative was at your house? To clarify that situation, we need access to your customer account.


Please contact us via Facebook or Twitter  (unencrypted). This is the fastes way to find a solution.

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