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Cannot Login to Hotspot-Flat

I ordered a monthly hotspot flat plan yesterday, and received a confirmation email, but am not able to log into the hotspot portal. Whenever I try i am presented with two login options: kundenportal credentials and hotspot credentials. I have not received any hotspot specific credentials, and the hotspot portal says that my credentials that logged me into are invalid. 

Unfortunately my German is not good enough to handle this issue over the phone, and I cannot find any English support lines. 

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Hello Mg6,


are you a Vodafone customer and can you log into the customer portal with your access data?


Or have you only booked a hotspot ticket, in which case you should have received access data upon confirmation.


Many greetings


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I subscribed to a Hotspot-Flat plan, but was never sent any login information, and the login information that I use for never worked to log me in.

I tried calling customer support for help many times, but despite the fact that you sell the product in Germany in English, there is no support or ability to cancel available in English, only German, and I was hung up on multiple times by your customer support when I tried to use my limited German. I've also written you multiple emails to different addresses explaining the situation and trying to cancel and refund the plan that never worked.

Now I've recieved an additional email that says I have as bill for the plan, but when I follow the link to my account there is no mention of the plan, and I cannot seem to register the plan to my account. The email I recieved is attached below.

Can you please cancel and refund the plan? If you cannot refund it despite the fact that it never worked, please explain how I can pay the balance. When I try to view my bill, there is a notice that my "profile is not complete", but no mention of how to complete it or what is missing (also attached)


Hello Mg6,


so you don't have any access data. We will be happy to take a look at your contract. Please send us the customer number, name incl. address and date of birth of the contract holder by private message.


Write here briefly when the data has been sent. Currently it takes a few days until we are back in the post 😞


Best regards Fred

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