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I recently received my new router and installed it. Internet light is working perfectly, but I have no connection via WLAN and Ethernet. Already called 3 times to the hotline, technicians sent new data to the router and even opened an issue but my problem persist. 

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I guess keep trying, Vodafone currently has  issue because they playing again with the connection Points. If you have also a Vodafone HotSpot near by try to connect with that one. The User and PW may the same you have if you login in the normal Vodafone Portal. If that Hotspot has as well no Internet Connection then they killed it again ^^. The Next Week they also have gave out some date where they again make Maintenance , like they did from Friday on over the weekend. If you are near Frankfurt then over the day they will again make they playtime. Also Possible if your Contract Date until you are customer by Vodafone is in the future then it also can be that you just can really connect with all 3 days later ^^ because they are slow good with all the issuse it could be also take more time then that ^^. Stay strong Smiley (zwinkernd)

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Hello Bunny16,


in which state do you live and which router did you get?


Best regards, Martin

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