Router keeps restarting randomly

Hi everyone,


First of all, i apologize that i'm writing in English, but i'm struggling to convey my message in Deutsch properly (written and also during calls with the hotline) so i'm hoping someone can assist me here.


I'm a customer of Vodafone for 4 years now, i just moved recently and i have moved my existing 200mbps internet contract with me. After calling and informing Vodafone, they suggested that i upgrade my connection to 1gbps (Vodafone Cable Max 1000) for a small additional monthly fee, which i have accepted.


I have of course received a new router (Vodafone Wi-Fi 6 station) and returned my old one. But since July (since i moved in) the router is restarting randomly and has bad latency sometimes. I first thought it was the home cables, so i plugged everything directly to the router (LAN), but the issue didn't go away. I then searched the forums for similar issues but couldn't identify it.


I checked the router interface, i can only see some issue with OFDM/OFDMA signals failing (attached picture), not sure if this is the root of the problem.


I already have a ticket number (Störungsticket) for several weeks now but nothing happened. I work from home and these router restarts happen several times a day, sometimes even hourly, and it's impeding my work..

Is there anyone facing similar issues? I'm quite new here so i'm not sure if my neighbors have similar problems..


Area: Karlsruhe 76189


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Hi Nidhal,


Welcome to our community.


Unfortunately, since 15.08, we no longer provide individual support here. Please use our other support channels if you get stuck here.


VG Wallace

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Thank you for the hint! Sad to see that things have changed as i have joined.


I would still like to ask if anyone in the community can share a screenshot of the values they see in their router (see my picture attached in my original post) for upstream and downstream links, it'd be nice to compare and see if this is related to my issue.