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Return Path Disturbance Error



We are having "return path disturbance" with our internet connection for 5 days now, no connection at all. As my wife and I both work from home due to the pandemic, this situation is turning into a crisis now. We have tried contacting support via phone but unfortunately, I don't have any German language skills and the operators do not speak English.


The error message we have on the network wizard is:

" There is a so-called return path disturbance on your connection, which can restrict your Internet and telephone connection.  If necessary, please let our technician check your connection.  We will rectify the fault as quickly as possible.  Many thanks.  You can probably use your connection again without errors from February 4th, 2022, 8:00 pm "


On Tuesday, the error message stated that the problem would be solved by February 2nd, 2022, 8:00 pm . Now timing looks February 4th, 2022, 8:00 pm  and that is what makes me mistrustful ! How can I get information about when the problem will be solved?





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Hallo Melih,


we have the same problem. Do you live in Berlin zip code 12555 by any chance? If it is any consolation: Even as native german speaker the support is no use right now, because they do not accept individual Tickets regarding this problem since they claim they know about it and are trying to solve it. Nevertheless the moving deadlines and uncertainty is of course frustrating.

Are you able to use mobile tethering in the meantime? It's what most people are doing right now. Sorry i can't give better news, all we can do is make the problem more visible.

Hi Tonca,


Yes I live in 12555, Berlin. I am using my phone internet but  my phone's internet will be running out of internet soon. We don't have any internet connections for almost 1 week. Vodafone should/have to fix as soon as possible. I am really tired to wait Vodafone fix that!



Is anyone here who is from officals staff of Vodafone? We need help! We don't have internet for 7 days. As I said we are working from home. Please someone take care of our internet problems immediately!


Hello melihcan,


welcome to the community 🙂


I'm sorry that the glitch is taking so long. Unfortunately, we can't speed up the fix. We can offer you mobile data volume to bridge to a Vodafone SIM. We will be happy to take a look at your connection and the problem. Please send us the customer number, name incl. address and date of birth of the contract holder via private message.


Write here briefly when the data has been sent. Currently it takes a few days until we are back in the post 😞


Best regards Fred

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Details sent. We still don't have internet for 9 days.


We don't use Vodafone SIM. Still Do we have a chance to get internet volume in some ways?


Last question is when do you predict to solve this internet problem?