My Router Disconnects from Internet when I Join Large Zoom Calls

Hi, my internet router (CH7466CE) fails and disconnects from the internet when I join to a Zoom call with many (50+) people. 
This started to happen very frequently since I work from home and my job includes joining these Zoom calls.

Almost everyday I have to manually restart the router (turning it off and on again) to make it work again but it takes around 10 minutes to have internet connection again and this is really not a desirable situation when you need to join an important meeting.

Is there a solution to this problem? Maybe switching to a better router. I'm willing to pay for a new router, I'm just tired of this issue.

Thanks for your help in advance.

PS: It's really difficult to get pass the chat bot and extremely basic internet assistant and talk to a human in Vodafone's customer support.

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Hello MustafaMutlu,


We are very happy to help you here.Smiley (fröhlich)


Please send your data in a private message and then briefly report back here when you have sent them.

(Name, customer number, address and date of birth, please also a current mobile phone number in the event of a fault ticket).


Then we'll see if it's a line problem or if the router is defective. Do you have the interruptions with LAN and WLAN?


Many greetings Jana



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First of all thanks for helping me out!

I just send a private message to you.


My computer is always connected via WLAN, but my Apple TV is connected via LAN.

When there is a distruption I can see both of my devices can't connect to internet.

I assumed router was the issue since restarting the router always fixes the issue, until the next time the next day.


Let me know if there is something I can do like troubleshooting etc.



Hello MustafaMutlu,


there is a fault in the return channel in your area. Does the connection come back on its own without a power reset? Can you access the modem in the event of a fault? Not that here separately another problem exists. I have attached a ticket to the known problem for you. You will get an info when the colleagues have solved the problem.


Best regards Fred

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Eventually I replaced my router with a new and better one (that supports fiber). That seems to fixed the problem for me! So we can close this thread, thank you 🙂