EasyBox 805 - No Internet connection, DSL connection is not connected, Can not be activated

Dear Vodafone Community Support,


We are students who recently moved to Germany and are new users of Vodafone's DSL service with an EasyBox 805. Our contract was initiated on the 16th of May, and the service activation was scheduled for the 11th of June.


On the 11th of June, no technician visited us as was initially communicated. Despite this, we connected the EasyBox 805 ourselves, and it functioned properly for two days. However, on the night of the 12th of June, our internet connection stopped working, and the red light started blinking on the internet port.


We have made numerous attempts to contact your support team, but most calls are disconnected due to the language barrier as we do not speak German. On one occasion, a support representative listened to our issue and created a ticket. A technician called us back, but upon realizing we spoke English, he disconnected the call.


We have also visited Vodafone offices in person, but unfortunately, the staff has not been cooperative. We requested an English customer support number or email, but no assistance was provided. The current customer service representatives have asked us to wait without giving a clear timeline or solution.


We have tried several troubleshooting steps, including resetting the device, disconnecting it for five minutes, and changing the port, but nothing has resolved the issue.


As students, we rely heavily on a stable internet connection for our online classes and academic activities. We have already experienced a significant delay in our connection setup.

Could you please provide us with a resolution or direct us to an English-speaking support service? We are in urgent need of a functioning internet connection.


Here are the details of our issue:

EasyBox Model: EasyBox 805

City: Fuerth, Bavaria

Issue: Red light blinking on the internet port; Please Connect your EasyBox 805 to your DSL-connection.

Issue Date: 12th June

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