Can't connect WLAN-Router

Good day!


I tried to call the support service, but I do not speak German so I am writing in English.

When checking availability, my wife received a message that there is a connection in her house and a technician is not needed. She got a WLAN-Router from Vodafone. But she can't connect it.


There is only one socket in the house (on photo)


When i ask about it on the "Vodafone Community" i received answer that i need "an working adapter" from Vodafone.

My wife went to the Vodafone store and was told that Vodafone had to send her an extra adapter. But she must contact them either by phone or by e-mail. No one answered my e-mail, and on the phone only in German (


How can i get a "working adapter" from Vodafone? Can you help?


Thank you,

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Hi Kyler193,


as I can see, the withdrwal of the contract is already in progress. We sent a confirmation email to our contractual partner today.

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