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Internet keeps disconnecting automatically

Hello all,

I have been having issues with my router constantly for the past few months already and it has been getting quite annoying due to the home office situation. Several times a day the router reboots automatically, particularly when the data load is high (video call, upload/download of data). Below some relevant info:

  • In which state do you live?
    Berlin 12099
  • What contract do you have?
    Red Internet & Phone 100 DSL
  • Which modem/router are you using?
    Easybox 805

  • Do you use a rental device from us or do you have your own device ?
  • Which error occurs? (Speed ​​too low; packet loss) 
    The router reboots. We can see the router lights going off and then restarting slowly, and its wi-fi also disappears.
  • How is your device connected to the modem ? ( LAN; WLAN; additional router; PowerLAN )
    Wifi and LAN on another device
  • Which browser do you usually use? (e.g. Firefox)
    Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Which operating system do you have on your computer? (e.g. Windows)
    Both Mac and Windows, depending on the device
  • Start and period of the disruption  (e.g.: since the beginning of April; only in the evening)
    It has been happening for a few months but in the last 1/2 months it has become more severe with several disconnections per day (up to 10 per day in working hours 9 to 17). I tend to notice more during the day because I'm more active in meetings due to home office.

    The chatbot says there is no problem in my area, but could you please double check? Could you please advise how can this be solved?

Many thanks in advance 🙂

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We are happy to help you.


For this we need personal information from you.


Please contact us via one of the following channels:

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Or by WhatsApp chat under the phone number 0172 2000 229


Thank you very much.

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