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Need help using the top-up, it will not work nor accept any payment method


I am from Sweden but got my phone stolen in Germany so got a CallYa Allnet cell plan, so I could continue my travels.

I am in France now, but I need to top up the plan.

I go to and follow the instructions there, but it never, ever works.

I have tried all payment options. It was there was an error and that I should try again.

For PayPal it says that I cancelled the payment.

I have asked several friends in Sweden to try and help me. They all say that the page never works properly at all, that the loading spinner just keeps spinning forever.

One friend managed to get the page loading, and paid with PayPal. But he also got that the payment was cancelled. But money WAS deducted from his account. What?


I have no idea what to do. All help is in German, the chatbot is ***, the phone line is in German, no way to get in contact with a real person that I can find.


Does anyone know if I can buy top-up cards in France and use them as voucher codes?

Why is the topup not working?

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Hi @Stmated,


Did you also try to top up your credit about the MeinVodafone app?

That should work normally. 


Good evening @Stmated.


We need personal information from you for this purpose.


Please contact us via one of the following channels:


Facebook service page at

Twitter service page at


Or by WhatsApp chat on 0172 2000 229.


Thank you very much.

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