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Falsche Lieferadresse im Bestellvorgang



I want to order a new SIM card. and in the ordering process, the old address is still available. I've updated all the addresses for all my numbers in MyVodafone, but no impact on the checkout process.

I am a Vodafone customer at CallYa, 0


I would like to change my address from the order process to the new address. Thank you

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Hi @DragosG,


Changing the address is only possible in written way. Contact the customer service (not the call center!). 

Use these contact channels. I recommend one of the both social media channels (Facebook/Twitter)

Hello @Mav1976 - I have tried on call (vodafone support) and WhatsApp - both channels weren't able to find a solution.

1. the address saved in MyVodafone account is updated

2. the address that shows in the workflow of ordering a SIM card - is not updated (it is still an old address)

3. I have ordered a SIM recently, with the purpose that maybe when the address is wrong will be updated - didn't work either - the SIM returned back.

4. I know, I can buy from a store, but still doesn't fix my current problem

Is maybe someone experienced in this type of issues, that can support please.



Hi @DragosG,


Regarding to your second point is the crux. VF has two databases where addresses saved.


Only a staff could change this address that you are able to order a new SIM card. 

Try to get in contact via WhatsApp chat again. 


Callya WhatsApp/SMS Chat

(between 7:30 - 22 daily)


You'll start with TOBi, the AI, but don't worry. After some common questions you answer, ask persistent to forward to a VF staff. You will ask twice or three time maybe till TOBi forward you to a staff. 👍