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Customer Complaint

I want to file a complaint: Vodafone shop Augustenstr. 63 80333 Munich cheat my money!


I went to the store to purchase a prepaid sim card. He charged me 40 euros for activation fee, when this is not the actual charge. He only accepted cash payment and refused to give me a receipt.


He took advantage of the fact that I am a tourist. I went back to the store after contacting vodafone customer service that speak chinese. They have informed me that I was scammed. I am not supposed to pay 40 euros for activation.


I asked for the flat s plan and he didn't even activate the plan for me. I had to pay extra to get the right plan after talking to vodafone customer service online.


He lied to me and said I can only activate the sim card in his store which I find out later is not the case. I can activate online. And I asked for receipt, as instructed by online service, since they should be able to print out a copy again. But he refused and suddenly say his English is no good.


I recorded the whole conversation. I need an explanation!

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You cannot file a complaint in here - neither will you be able to file a complaint against Vodafone for anything that has been done by a store salesperson as these stores are NOT part of Vodafone but only Franchise partners. Thus you will have to file your complaint just against that shop and/or salesperson.


Vodafone will also not be able to reimburse you any money that this shop collected for services that they did...



It also happened to me today in Berlin with the exception that the guy in the store gave me a receipt for the 40 eur fee. I could not imagine I would be scammed in Vodafone's store. Customer support, please give us a solution.

As I said - there won't be any solution in here as this is a pure customers-help-customers board without support from Vodafone employees in that specific cases.


Furthermore this is just a thing between you and that shop - the shop billed you something, so you can only ask for a reimbursement at that shop. Vodafone -as it's not contractual partner for this specific position- can't and won't reimburse something as Vodafone is neither owner of that shop nor got any of that money.