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Urgent billing issue with Vodafone - Lack of response and missing discounts

Dear Vodafone community,

I am writing to express my deep frustration and disappointment with the ongoing billing issues that I have been experiencing with Vodafone. Despite reaching out to customer service multiple times over the past year, I have not received satisfactory resolution to these problems. As a result, I am now left with no choice but to escalate the matter and seek further assistance.

Here are the issues I have been facing:


1. There are still significant billing mistakes on both my mobile and DSL contracts that Vodafone has failed to correct. Despite my two contracts with Vodafone entitling me to discounts, I have been consistently overcharged by Vodafone.


2. Discounts are still missing since 30 May 2022, even after several calls and requests to customer service.


3. Vodafone did not provide Internet service from 29 March 2022 to 8 August 2022. However, I am still being charged for this period.


4. Due to ongoing billing issues, lack of response, and failure to adhere to our contractual agreements, I have decided to cancel both my mobile and DSL contracts with Vodafone.


5. Since May 2022, I have not received any DSL invoices by post or email. Despite repeated contacts with Vodafone customer service, the invoices are still not being sent to me. I will not accept any reminder or dunning fees for invoices that I have not received.


6. The platform to find receipts is not working, despite multiple attempts to use it.


7. I have requested numerous times for invoices to be sent by post, but Vodafone has ignored my requests. Furthermore, it is impossible to change this setting in the online platform.


8. I have wasted countless hours and resources trying to resolve these billing issues. Vodafone customer service has been completely unresponsive, and I have been left to deal with a problem that Vodafone is responsible for solving.


I am hoping that the Vodafone community can assist me in getting these issues resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


EDIT: attachments deleted due to privacy reasons

1 Antwort 1

At least for your point 2:

You have accepted that Vodafone will place the invoices only in your customer service area - you need to download them on your own, there is no option to send them by post or email to you. You can only opt for a reminder mail that you get once the invoice has been placed into the customer service area.


And for your point 5:

You will only get a refund for this time period if you noticed Vodafone about this outage -and- if it is Vodafones fault. If there is no notice to Vodafone about this outage -or- if the outage is not in the responsibility of Vodafone (like one of your neighbours cutting the wires -or- an in-house wiring issue), then you won't get any reimbursement.


And no, the community won't be able to help you solve the issues as there is no support here anymore - you will have to contact Vodafone using the official ways in German language (as you contractually agreed on German as contractual and thus also as support language). In case you are unable to bring up all the issues in German language, it'd be up to you to get a translator on your own expenses.