How to accept 10GB replacement for VodafonePass


I am informed by SMS that the vodafone pass is no longer available, and a 10GB addition is available for free, as replacement. I would like to ask: how can I accept this replacement? The SMS says to use the MeinVodafone app, but I cannot use this app because my Google Store account is not located in Germany (and shall not be changed). The MeinVodafone app is only available for customers in Germany, which is very short-sighted; international customers with dual SIMs are discriminated against here. Instead, is it possible to accept the replacement in MeinVodfaone on the web? I was not able to find any relevant pages using the search option.


Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello nukamoi,


you can view and manage the Vodafone passes via MyVodafone Web, but you cannot administer them.


The community is purely a customer-help-customer forum. In your case an access to the customer data is necessary.


The best way is to contact our service team on one of the following channels.


The colleagues are happy to help.


Here it goes on:


* on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vodafoneDEservice


* on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vodafoneservice


Further contact options: https://forum.vodafone.de/t5/Vodafone-News/Euer-Kontakt-zu-Vodafone/td-p/1912292


Best regards,


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Hello Susan,


I am not using Facebook or Twitter (privacy concerns) and all other options listed provide support only in German. Since I am not speaking German very well, I would need another method of support. Please let me know how to proceed.


Thanks, and kind regards

You could try WhatsApp, but in the end contractual language in Germany is German, and you were offered two different contact channels.

That's a very good point and of course helpful, much appreicated /s