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Contract registration

Hi, i placed an order for an iphone 13 with the black fryday deal for my daughter. I received the email with the eSim registration data and i wanted to add it to my vodafone acoount. The problem is that i do not know where exactly should i go in the myvodafone site to do it. I also have to send a document to verify that she is under 27 but from what i understand i first have to register the eSim. I also dont know if i need the phone associated with the esim (maybe they send some verifications or sms confirmation) since we dont have it yet, it should arrive on the 17th of december. Any help and clarifications about the process would be welcome.


PS : i also applyed for the gigakombi discount since we already have internet with vodafone, but when i tried placing the order it would not let me sign in my vodafone account ( it sayed technical error, i supposed since my age is above 27 it did not let me do it) so i placed the order as a new customer, but i used my name, same email and same IBAN so i was wondering if there are additional steps to be taken to benefit from the gigakombi discount. 



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Hi @sbenzy,


Sorry for the delay in replying.


You write that you signed up for a mobile deal which is meant to be used by your daughter.


If you are the contract owner, it should be possible to add the contract to your online account in MeinVodafone.


Also, getting the GigaKombi benefits should work out if both contracts are either assigned to the same contract owner or have their bills taken from the same bank account.


If you wish, I'll gladly help to sort this out.


In this case, please send me a private message and include


* Your fixed line customer no
* the mobile customer no or phone number
* your Login name (user name) for your online account in MeinVodafone
* a link to your post here in the Community


Looking forward to reading from you Smiley (fröhlich)



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