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2 year mobile contract extended without my knowledge

I have had a cellular Vodafone contract ever since July 2019, where I signed a 2-year contract. The contract seems to be extended without my knowledge whatsoever, and I desperately need it to end. The contract was extended without any sort of notice from Vodafone, nor a reminder, and I was not told when signing the plan that this may occur. I am a full English speaker who knows no German whatsoever, and it seems absolutely appalling that Vodafone would take advantage of me in this way, a loyal customer for 2 years. This is absolutely ridiculous, and I am extremely frustrated. I am begging for your help, I need this contract to end immediately due to moving countries and the fact that I was not even aware of this happening is so upsetting.

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All mobile contracts are automatically extended according to terms and conditions by 1 year if not canceled.  There's no reminder, no memo, whatsoever...

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Contracts extend automatically for one year if you dont cancel in time.

The only thing you can do now is cancel the contract till the end of the one year period.

If you dont do this - after one year - extension again.


Why do you need the contract "desperatelyto end ?

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