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Vodafone cable router keeps restarting


I have a Vodafone cable internet connection at my home. Since the past month or so I have been facing constant restarting of my cable router automaticaly. The frequency of restarts have increased and internet keeps getting disconnected often. Even the LEDs are not showing correct status, the Internet Led is always off except for the time I plug in and pllug off the router it starts with Red blinking and then it goes away. If the Phone led becomes white then my internet starts and it keeps getting interrupted frequently sometimes every 10 mins sometimes like after an hour. I have already tried contacting hotline but unable to get enough support. Can someone please help me. Its getting a bit annoying as I have to work from home for most part of the week and I am just left to use my mobile data for emergencies. 

I would be highly obliged if someone helps me out here.


Best regards,



Edit: @Nikhil_Y Verschoben aus "Mobilfunk" in den passenden Festnetzbereich.

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i would try unplugging the router overnight for once and see how it will act the next day. 
Unplugging it at daytime for a few minutes so it can cool down can also help solving this. 

If nothing helps try contacting Vodafone again, maybe your router is broken and you need a new one since it's unusable for you when restarting that often. 
but this problem can be also caused by bad weather conditions like heavy rain or when it's too hot because most cables are under the streets or in the air. Also check Vodafone's website to see if the connection in your area is affected by any problems 


Thanks for the reply.

But I have already tried the solution and it is not helping. Moreover this does not seem like a weather issue as in my building the internet for my neighbours is working fine. I saw in the forum that multiple people have faced similar issue and every time something was done by Vodafone guys from back end or a technician was booked to resolve the issue. I have been trying since last week to talk to them and they just keep me waiting that some from L2 support will contact me but no one calls.

Best regards,



alright so one solution I have is to visit a Vodafone shop and explain the problem to them. Because when you don't reach someone via a call or online, simply visit a store and they should help you. 
this is a serious problem and if others have faced this issue too and Vodafone isn't replying to them, go to a store directly and maybe bring your router to the store too


hope it's gets solved soon!

@Lele3012 Vodafone Shops are not part of the support system - they are operated independently by 3rd parties and make their money with selling VF products. They can not replace hardware, and sometimes under the pretext of "helping" start new contracts so the customer ends with two contracts unstead of getting help.