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Struggling to activate new Cable Connection


It's been last 2 weeks I am struggling with vodafone customer care service. I am new to Germany can cannot speak German language. I still tried to state my problem but no success. I am trying to activate the Cable connection with a old cable router/modem, I entred my kundennummer and Activierungs Code but somehow is not activating and giving problem that this router is already registered e.g. "Leider können wir dieses Gerät nicht aktivieren. Das Gerät gehört Vodafone – und wir haben es leider schon einem/einer anderen Kund:in zugeordnet. Bitte meld Dich beim Verkäufer des Geräts.". The router is from vodafone company itself. I tried with different cable router and it still says the same. It is really bull*** that I can't use an old device which I own. It's basically then the environmental issue and creating more waste on earth because I cannot use it anymore. Nevertheless, now I am tired of calling them and struggling to explain the situation usign translator apps. If I can get a solution of my problem then would be really great and helpful.

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The hardware from Vodafone is linked to the contract, when the contract runs out it has to be returned to Vodafone. It can not be sold or given to someone else, Vodafone will not activate it for another contract. Sadly, there are quite a few ex-customers who want to make quick money by selling such more or less "stolen" routers/modems.


When you sign a new contract, you can decide to get a router/modem from Vodafone or use your own - but inthat case it MUST be one that was built for the free market, not a Vodafone branded one. For example buying a new Fritzbox at MediaMarkt will give you such a free-market model - buying a used one on eBay most likely will give you a branded one that will not get activated. The versions differ by the 8digit article number. The standard routers (like the Vodafone Station) are not available in free market versions at all.


For support in English use the Facebook or Twitter contacts listed here:


Does this mean, if I am having a new Vodafone cable internet contract and I am purchasing my own Fritzbox router, I have to get my router activated from Vodafone ? how this gets done, by a technician or by calling customer support ?

It depends on the federal state you reside in. The process is described here (in German):