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Nicht züruckhaltene Fritzbox

Hi all, as always, sorry for writing my question in English. Since September last year, I am trying to solve this issue with Vodafone. I called multiple times and no one find the appropriate time to solve this for me.


In my previous contract with Vodafone, I owned a Fritzbox device that I was paying 5€ per Month. When I extended my contract I chose a different tariff that does not include Fritzbox anymore and ofc. I needed to return my old Fritzbox to Vodafone. At one point I received a letter that says I need to return it or otherwise I need to pay 35 € for it. So I returned the device with DHL post and Returschein that I received from Vodafone. Unfortunately, the device did not reach its destination. It went from the post office to the pickup location, but it never reached Vodafone. 

After that, Vodafone charged me for not returning my device. I contacted them the same day and the operator said they will check it and I should receive a full refund on my next bill. As you can imagine, that did not happen. I called again, and they said I need to send an email to Yes, I am not mistaken, Unitymedia kundenservice and money will be returned. Also, as I expected no one answered my email and ofc I did not receive my money. 

After that, I contacted DHL to see if they can track the package, and they confirmed that the package is lost and that they can only continue this process with Vodafone. Also, I did not receive any email afterward. 


So I am seeking help here. There is no point in calling again, I don't have any additional email address on which I can address my issue. Any help would be appreciated here.

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You can contact VF in English via Twitter or Facebook

Thank you @MasterScorpion for a quick answer. Contacting them also in German is not a problem, the problem is how to reach the right person to solve this.