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New vodafone contract


Customer number : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Here is my case:

1) On 27th November 2020, a person from vodafone company visited my apartment and offered me a DSL connection change from o2 to vodafone.
I accepted the offer and asked him to send me the router and related documents in February 2021 since I was traveling to India on 30th November. 

2) However, I recieved the router on 29th November.(It was my mistake to recieve it because I was busy with packing stuff and did not realise the consequences of it.)

3) Due to corona situation , I stayed in India from December'20 to May'21 and was not able to send back the signed change provider (
Anbieter wechseln) confirmation letter to vodafone. 

4) Therefore my O2 Contract was not got cancelled. Meanwhile Vodafone also started a new DSL + TV contract with me from February 2021 .
  I only came to know about it when I returned to Germany in May'21 and checked my letters.

5) I also never recieved the contract letter from vodafone via post or email from vodafone.

6) Since May'21, I called to customer care many times and visited Vodafone office but it did not help.

7) Currently, I am paying for O2 contract which will last atleast till Oct'22 and also paying approx 75 euros per month for vodafone's DSL+TV contract(which will last till Feb'23 as per the bills).

I request my contract to be cancelled with immediate effect and return all the amount charged from me till date.

Also, please let me know where I need to send the router back. I have not installed the router and never used any of the vodafone's offered services till date.


Manish xxxxxxxxxxx
22417, Hamburg


Edit: @manishkandari Persönliche Daten zu deinem Schutz entfernt, diese bitte nicht öffentlich posten. Gruss Methusalem1

Edit2: Since this constellation is not possible, I moved the contribution from the DSL to the cable board. Torsten

1 Antwort 1

Hello manishkandari,


that's very inconvenient. Why didn't you choose a later start date for the contract if you're not going to be there for a while?


I'll have a look at your customer data, but I can't promise you anything in advance. Please send me your customer number, name, date of birth and address by private message and then get back to me here in this post.


Best regards


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