Wifi network problem


I have a DSL connection with a EasyBox 804.

The WiFi network disables and enables itself every few hours. Especially when I switch on my laptop or smart TV. I don't know why and cannot figure out a pattern. I can only assume the hardware or firmware has a problem.

Has anyone faced this problem? Any suggestions?


Thank you,


PS: the firmware is already updated to the latest.

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Hi @joel_myworld ,


the quality of the WLAN can be negatively influenced by many external factors.


In addition to the structural condition of the apartment, these also include, for example, electrical devices in the vicinity or the WLAN networks of the neighbors.


In apartment buildings in particular, it can happen that the various WLAN networks get in each other's way.


You can find tips for optimizing your WLAN here: Alles zu WLAN  


If the WLAN performance of the EasyBox is not sufficient, the use of WLAN repeaters may help. As an alternative to the EasyBox, we also offer the FritzBox 7530 or 7590.


Of course you can also use any other compatible router.


BR Michi

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Hi Michi,

I live in a studio apartment. The router is hardly 5 feet away and in direct line-of-sight. No obstructions.

Usually during a working day, I don't switch on any other appliances. Just my laptop.

Also, other devices don't explain why the network disables/enables itself once every couple of hours. Maybe reduced performance but not completely disable itself, no?


With respect to other WiFi networks, I have ensured my WiFi channel has the least amount of inteference, And I get good signal strength throughout the house.

I have added the event log screenshot. As you can see, this is a constant problem thoughout the day.

Is there something I can do here?


Thank you,



Hey joel,

the most successfull "trick" is splitting the ssid between ne 2,4 & 5ghz spectrum.

But from the looks of it , you've already done this.

Since the router was swapped 3 month ago , a defect is very much unlikely.

Since the landline itself is stable & "only" wlan issues occur i can't open a ticket for this.

I would suggest switching for a fritzbox.
If you are interested, feel free to send me a private message.



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