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Vodafone Router : Wifi and LAN stops working intermittently.

Hello team

I have a cable 250 connection, i have been using this since 3 months, it was working fine, all of sudden for the past 10 days i am facing issue with Wifi and LAN Connection issues. WiFi and LAN works for says 30 mins or 1 hour and not connecting to internet for 1 hour, then again it works for some time and again stops working, this is driving me crazy, i cannot work from home.


I have followed the below options before recording my issue in this forum:

1. I tried to pressed the reset and wifi comes up again after a few minutes wifi stops working, same with LAN as well

2. I tried to power off by unplugging the cable and plugging in again. WiFi comes up again after a few minutes WiFi stops working, same with LAN as well

3. I tried to reset the router to it factory settings,  wifi comes up again after few minutes wifi stops working, same with LAN as well.

its literally frustrating to keep resetting the router multiple times a day.

Please help me here.

I tried to contact customer care, it was completely in German, so I couldn't understand, so I requested a call, no one call me. i tried this multiple times and posting it here to let you know about the same.


Delhi Babu

1 Antwort 1

This might be related to the current temperatures. The Vodafone Station has a heat problem, it needs to be placed with lots of open space around and in upright position. Using a notebook cooling pad might help, too. 

For support in English use the Twitter or Facebook contacts listed here: