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Using my own router fritzbox 6660

I recently moved into a new place and took contract from previous tenant. I was using his vodeafone router for a few days before the switch completed. I had my contract shift over but did not receive a vodafone router ( just the contract) which is fine because i bought my own router already. I have a fritzbox 6660 cable. Now the issue i face is that while i use my previous tenants router, i get his plan of 50 mbps, however when i connect to my fritzbox, i only get 1mbps (which i suppose is the base speed active on these lines). What should i do to enable my plan?

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You'll need to call the hotline and give them both, the serial number of your FritzBox as well as the CM-MAC...

Thank you for your response. is there anyway i can do it online or by myself since i am farely new and cannot navigate through the hotline as it is in German.

No, as it seems that you are located in Baden-Württemberg, Northrhine-Westphalia or Hesse...

There is no automated way and/or self-service way to activate own devices in these three federal states.

thanks again. I called up the hotline and with great difficulty i got to speak to someone. Communication wasnt easy ofcourse. They asked for something around the lines of varient number and i am not sure what that is? I told them i have a fritzbox that i bought myself and i have my Kunden nummer and serial number but the lady on the phone was looking for something else? any clues?


I asume she was asking for the CM MAC:


what is the Artikel-Nummer of your Fritzbox?