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Fritzbox Default Password Not working

I had requested port from O2 to Vodofone DSL Internet. I had postponed the Technical Appointment for the Installation from August 8, 2022 to September 27, 2022. 

So, today the technical appointment is setup and surprisingly the O2 network seems to have switched off and vodofone sent a message saying "The technical service has installed your connection. You connect the router yourself".

I connected the router and also we got the WIFI signal for the router in my smartphone. When I tried entering the password. It say password incorrect. I am trying the password given on the Frtizbox. Let me know what's wrong and if the default password has changed. How to get it or reset it?

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you can reset the password for the webinterface when you click on "Kennwort vergessen?"

I tried that but I don't get to the web interface at all. I tried the and nothing opens up

are you connected via lan cable?

have you tried  ?

I tried with the LAN cable. As soon as I connected the LAN cable to the laptop, It said "Internet could not be connected. Wait for the installation to complete"


My other question is, There should have been a technical appointment for Installtion today and I am not sure whether it is gonna happen or not because I have not receieved any SMS or notification confirming the service. Nobody showed up till now. 


Could you please let me know whether somebody's gonna come here?

Below attached screenshot shows you what I get when I try to sign in