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FritzBox 6660 does not sync anymore

Hi Vodafone community,

So my issue is as follows:

My private FritzBox 6660 (article number 2000 2913 - international version I assume? - purchased via Kleinanzeigen) was working fine for around 6 months now (since February 2023) (activated by me via until last Friday when it suddenly stopped syncing. I did a restart and a factory reset but nothing changed. I then tried the loaned Vodafone Station and it synced properly Trying the FB again it synced but only with 128 kbit down and up like it is not provisioned/activated properly.

I have called Vodafone hotline twice. The first time they told me the FB was not provisioned anymore and after providing the Mac address, they told me they provisioned it again but after 10-15 minutes nothing had changed. During the second call they told me that I should connect the loaned device until I get an SMS that the ticket is closed in which case I should connect my FB again.

My question is: why this happened all of a sudden although I have activated this router myself and was working fine so far?

How long could it take until I receive this SMS? So far I have received nothing and my FB keeps staying connected at 128kbit down and up and without being able to access of course.

Thank you for any assistance.

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Try to contact support via Social Media (support in English is available there and you get contact to real Vodafone employees instead of external callcenters with too often little knowledge and powers). But even though you were able to activate an international Fritzbox version before there is no guarantee that it will continue working. Here are the support contacts listed: