Aris Router Overview and static DHCP

Today I had my Aris router replaced as I could not connect to internet anymore. Now the issue is resolved but when I logged in to the configuration to set up my own network, I noticed that none of the device is listed in the overview page even if there are several devices connected  both with WIFI and LAN. I am also not able to assign static DHCP: devices cannot be selected from a drop down as usual and even if I add the MAC address manually the device does not get the IP assigned. Before  I reset the router and restart does anyone have any suggestions?. Thank you.


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Hi Wallace

I still haven't tried to reset my router to teh factory settings. However the connection is very unstable and the router gets disconnected and reboots multiple time in a day. This is really disappointing as I work from home and I am often disconnected during business meetings. The technician that came to my place a while back measured the connection parameters at the socket in the wall and apparently they were ok. I am not sure if the router is the problem but since I moved to my new flat and switched to cable in early 2020 I have had continuous interruptions which I have never had before with Vodafone DSL. I can send you an event log or you can access my line and check. Overall I must say I am really unhappy with the quality of the line and in all honesty for the price I pay I would expect a premium service.


Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Hello mrmemory,


then please reset the cable router once to factory settings.


Many greetings, Martin

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