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misinformation and need plan adjustment
I am writing to bring to your attention an issue I have encountered regarding my Vodafone plan, and to request your assistance in resolving it. My customer number is   XXX.   
Last year in May, I subscribed to a Vodafone Connect service with the intention of opting for the cheapest plan available, which was advertised as Gigacube 50 Mbits. However, during my interaction with a customer representative on phone, I was informed that I could subscribe to the 1000 Mbits plan as it was free for the first 6 months and then it will automatically change to 50 Mbit plan. I agreed to this arrangement, trusting the information provided by the representative.  
Unfortunately, I was not informed at the time that I would need to actively request the adjustment by calling or filling out a form to change to the 50 Mbits plan. As a result, I have been billed for the 1000 Mbits plan, leading to a higher monthly charge of 62 EUR instead of the anticipated 40 EUR.
I kindly ask that my plan be adjusted to the 50 Mbits option, as originally intended, and ensure that I am not overpaying for services I do not require. I would deeply appreciate it if I can get a refund for extra amount or adjust it in bill for next month that I paid for the last months.
I kindly request a prompt response to this matter and appreciate your attention to resolving it. Also I would really appreciate if this matter can be solved via email as I do not trust the communication might work properly on telephone. 
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